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Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings which are called as wedding band, takes important place in the Tamil wedding ceremonies. Wedding Rings are worn through out their life by the Bride and bridegroom after the marriage. Women used to wear it on the left hand's fourth finger (In Tamil "mothira viral").

Engagement Ring

In Tamil weddings whether it is a church wedding ceremony or Hindu wedding ceremony, wedding rings will be presented to Bride and Groom by each other to finalize the wedding vow. Normally Wedding rings are made as narrow small band for women and for the men it is made as little wider. Mostly they are plain or set with small original Diamonds.

Although they can be mounted with Gem stones, which the Bride or Bridegroom prefer as to bring them lucky in their future life. Wedding Ring's are made with Gold, Platinum or white Gold. Wedding rings (Tamil: Kanayali, mothiram) takes an important Place in the Indian History too. In Kalidasan's literature work of Sakunthala, it was mentioned that the king Thushyanthan gave his ring to his lover Shakunthalai as his to proof his wedding with her. To buy beautiful wedding rings, don't forget to take the bride and groom's finger's sizes. It's better to buy the wedding ring in a good day at auspicious time. They can be purchased from near by Jeweler Shop or can be bought online too, using your Credit card.

Engagement Ring for Wedding

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