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Wedding Greetings

Wedding Day greetings takes an important part in the life of the newly married Tamil couples. Tamil people believe greetings or blessing that was given by elderly married couple on the day of a young couples wedding day will bring prosperity in their life. The wedding day blessing ceremony will begin after the wedding rituals where the newly married couple will hold a tray with raw rice mixed with turmeric powder and "arugam pull" (Bermuda grass) guest who had came to celebrate the wedding can go to the mana-varai one by one with their spouse can bless the newly married couple with the yellow rice and arugam pul.

Those guests who couldn't go to the marriage due to work or living far away can wish the couple in many ways. They can use phone, fax, telegrams, email to greet the newly married couple or can send greeting cards through postal mail.

If you did sent any wedding flower bouquet, presents or greetings by Courier, Telegrams, Postal mail and email, don't expect the thank you message from the newly married couple too quick. But be assured they will remember yourself all their life even it is a small greeting.

The best wedding day greetings in Tamil is " Pathinarum pettu peru valvu valga" means get all those 16 happiness things in your life and have a great life.

Thank You Greetings for the Wedding Greetings by the new couple.

Well come, newly married couples. Here we are keeping this page for you. You can offer "Thanks for all the guests who visited your wedding also who wished you from overseas". Here you can add a wedding photo of yours, if you like. This page will be on display until you want us to stop.

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