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Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds set Jewels are the best thing you can present for anyone at any time and sure the receiver too will like them. They are very expensive, although that jewellery will show your love for them for long lasting years. Diamonds are priced for their weight, cut, color and clarity. Normally their weights are calculated in carats.

When you are buying these kinds of stones set on jewelry, verify, weather the diamonds are natural or synthetic diamond as the synthetic ones are cheaper and can lose their whiteness and become as a yellow stone after some years.

diamond necklace

A normal person can't find out the quality of diamond. It can only be certified by good diamond companies. The clear white diamonds are the best that are available in the market. The more it get colors, its value goes down. Eye-clean quality is the best one.

Natural ones are earthed from central Africa, southern Africa, Canada, India, Russia, Brazil, and Australia. But they are mostly sold by the country Belgium. You can buy good ones in India too, which is very popular for diamond polishing. In India you can order and get good diamonds set on gold jewellery. According to your budget, you can get small diamond set on a gold ring or full glittering diamond necklace. Now, you can buy diamond jewelry in online website too using your Credit card for payment with insurance coverage for safe delivery.

According to the Indian astrology those who are affected by the star Venus (Sukiran) should wear this stone. When the stone touches the person's skin it will flourish his life with wealth and health.

Now diamond mounted engagement and wedding rings are popular with the young people. And they are common with the rich people.

5 carats of diamond is equal to 1 gram of weight.