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Muslim Weddings in Sri Lanka.

Muslim people used to call their marriages as Nikah in Sri Lanka. These weddings and related ceremonies like official wedding registration used to be celebrated at Bride and Grooms homes and in Wedding halls, Banquet Halls and Star Class Hotels. Important ceremonies are conducted by a Moulavi, who is the Muslim priest. Parents specially father of the Bride and Bridegroom take the lead role of the wedding.

In Some rich business people’s family weddings leading politicians attending the wedding dinner session is seen as a prestigious thing. At the dinner lot of meat products along with Biriyani rice used to be served on the table with lot of sweet dishes and specially prepared short-eats. In the village level Muslim weddings they still keep the tradition of serving the visitors with Biriyani sawan bowls for their wedding guests.

At the time of the wedding the bride and the groom used to stay at the specially decorated stage with traditional dress and head gear. Later some of them used to change over to western dresses for the family photos and videographers work out.

Muslim Wedding Called as Nikaah in Sri lanka, which usually celebrated at Brides or Grooms home or in a Wedding hall. conducted by Moulavi, Muslim priest

Sri Lankan Muslim Wedding Ceremony - Nikaah.

Muslim people in Srilanka followers of the religion Islam are living all over the Island. They mostly speak Tamil in the Eastern province and in the Northern Province. In the other regions many of them speak Sinhala language to communicate with other people while they are good in understanding Tamil. While younger Muslim people living in the Western province uses mostly English to communicate with other people as they used to attend International schools.

Islam people used to arrange marriage through relatives and marriage brokers. Also the parents of young girls and young boys used to publish newspaper classifieds in search of suitable partners for their children.

The Muslim wedding is called as Nikaah in Sri Lanka too. It is usually conducted at Brides or Bridegroom homes, Banquet halls, Wedding halls or in Star class hotels. This ceremony is well attended by the relatives in a joyfully manner. At the wedding hall men and women are seated separately. Parents specially father of the Bride and Bridegroom take the lead role of the wedding.