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Pearl Ideal present for the wedding

Pearl is treasured as a Gemstone in tamil Society. Pearl is mentioned in the historical Tamil litraratures,as it was worn byTamil women. It was worn as Pearl necklace, Pearl braclet , Pearl earring, Pearl Rings and Leg wear "Silambu". "Silambu" is a leg wear made of silver, the pearls are inside of it, which you can't see but you can hear it rustling when the wearer walks.

In this modern days Pearl is worn only as Pearl necklace, Pearl braclet, Pearl rings, and Pearl earring. Also the ancient Tamil kings chewed pearls along with the Betale leves after meals.

There are two kinds of pearls, Natural and cultured. In this two Natural pearl is the expensive one.The difference between these pearls can be found only by X-ray. Natural pearls must be certified by x-ray certificates.

Pearls are mormally white in color. But there are many colors even there is Black color pearls too.

To give as Present,Pearl is also a good one as it is too considred as a Gemstone.Pearl price will increase according to the size, shape, color and of the way it was produced. You can select pearl mounted Gold jewellery, Pearl Necklace, Pearl braclet and many more to present. Pearls must be bought from reputed Jewellery only as you can cheated by others.Also you can buy online or cxan send presents online with pearl jewellery.

Silambu* is also a Tamil's Jewellery mentioned in the "silappathigaram" written by the South Indian " ilankovadigal", the brother of king Seran Sengutuwan. Silappathigaram was written in the year 200 (A.C)