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Wedding Anniversary and Greetings

Wedding Day or Wedding anniversary are celebrated in Western marriages, Hindu marriages and many other marriages. In Hindu weddings Sasdiyaptha Poorthy celebrated at the age of 60 years and Thasabishekam celebrated at the age of 80years are the important ones where children and grand children make it a big function for their parents. Sasdiyaptha Poorthy. If we look in Hindu weddings, wedding celebrations not celebrated by the years of marriage of the man's age and it is celebrated by living couples only. According to Hindu myths a human's normal life expectance is 120 years. The age 60 is half of that. When a married Male reaches 60 years of age, while his wife is along with him, it is time to celebrate the Sasdiyaptha Poorthy ceremony which is done by the family members for the happy living.

It's just like they are having their wedding day where the couple is marrying again on that occasion. All their relatives are invited and the function is done jubilantly with special ceremonies and there after the couple will join their relatives for a grand lunch function. The couple will get blessing from the elders and the younger ones will get blessing from the couple. The grand vegetarian lunch or dinner party for the celebrating couples and the well wishers is another memorable event for that living couple in their life.

In Sri Lanka Sasdiyaptha Poorthy used to be published in the daily newspaper in the mode of advertisement with color photo of the couple and greetings from their children too announce the ceremony.

Thasabishekam Thasabishekam is celebrated also for the man when he reaches 80 years old, as his wife is living along with him. This day is celebrated by the family members of their children, grand children and grand children. The day is a really joyful day for the couple to see all their family members together around them. All relatives are invited for the grand party. If the couple is lucky they can get blessing from elders, while they use this day to bless their Children, son in laws, daughter in Laws and their grand children and grand children. After the Rituals a grand feast is Normal with a photo session.

Sasdiyaptha Poorthy In Tamil.

In European weddings normally Christian ones, too celebrates the oldest couples wedding ceremonies. As time is changing, of commercial promotions, now each of the wedding year is celebrated by the couples wedding years and the function got different names for each year. Friends and relatives used to present the couples according to the wedding year of the couples. Anyway later wedding anniversaries are celebrated by children and grand children.

  • Year 1 is Paper Anniversary
  • Year 2 Cotton Anniversary
  • Year 3 Leather Anniversary
  • Year 4 Linen Anniversary
  • Year 5 Wood Anniversary
  • Year 6 Iron Anniversary
  • Year 7 Wool Anniversary
  • Year 8 Bronze Anniversary
  • Year 9 Copper Anniversary
  • Year 10 Tin or Aluminum Anniversary
  • Year 11 Steel Anniversary
  • Year 12 Silk Anniversary
  • Year 13 Lace Anniversary
  • Year 14 Ivory Anniversary
  • Year 15 Crystal Anniversary
  • Year 20 China - porcelain Anniversary
  • Year 25 Silver Jubilee or silver wedding Anniversary
  • Year 30 Pearl Anniversary
  • Year 35 Coral or jade Anniversary
  • Year 40 Ruby Anniversary
  • Year 45 Sapphire Anniversary
  • Year 50 Golden Jubilee Anniversary
  • Year 55 Emerald Anniversary
  • Year 60 Diamond Jubilee
  • Year 65 Blue sapphire Anniversary
  • Year 70 Platinum Jubilee.
  • Year 75 Diamond wedding Anniversary
  • Year 80 Oak wedding Anniversary

Most people rarely visit their friends on their wedding anniversary days or don't make calls to them now. Instead they used to post greetings in their Facebook page even some people don't post greetings but clicks the "like" button of that post

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