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Online Marriage Websites

Online matrimonial websites that are designed for to provide match making services are widely operating from USA and India. In Srilanka too match making had become as a professional business for many individuals and companies. Specially for those Sri Lanka origin Tamil people who used to operate Tamil Matrimony services.

After those popular weekly newspaper classifieds for to find out grooms or brides, this SriLanka matrimonial service providing marriage bureaus are becoming very popular with the Sri Lanka Tamil community that are living worldwide. These marriage brokers have a lot of Sri Lankan Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim Bride and Bridegroom details of those who are eligible for wedding in Sri Lanka and in foreign countries. Most of them keep the data in hand written files and in good order.

Their files will basically contains by religion, place they are living, PR status, available dowry, birth village and many other category for easy selection. They charge money for simple registration to have a file with them and you will be charged from US$ 500 - US$ 1000, if they can arrange a marriage to the boy or girl. The bride or groom must provide a photo of themselves to be kept in their file for others to view, if interested in their profile. Photographs that are offered to this marriage brokers can be collected back from them if a marriage is arranged by them or by any others.

Some marriage brokers used to charge a good amount of money from both the bride and groom families. Some time they may request a small percentage on the given Dowry too. Some marriage brokers do this for low price, and if the bride is poor some time it may be free too. So it's up to the people, to decide to whom they have to contact for a good partner.

In the mean time people are afraid to post their pictures, images of brides and bridegrooms and their personal details in the Matrimonial websites as they can be used in unwanted manners. Some of the websites used to charge a large sum of money for registration and the person will get lot of emails in the first two months and then the email correspondence will decrease rapidly.

It is good practice not to subscribe to these websites through your credit cards as they may charge annual fee from you.

Pay through bank accounts and keep the receipt copy with you as proof of payment to them. Never send cash by post to join any matrimonial service.

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