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Wedding Car Rental

Wedding cars take important role in the wedding functions in Srilanka. Whether it is a Tamil Hindu wedding or Sinhala wedding or a Christian wedding the bride and groom will have their special car for the wedding function. Most families used to rent out expensive brand new cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW or classic vintage cars. There are many companies rent these wedding cars in immaculate condition with bright red, white and yellow colors. Chauffeur suitably attired for the wedding will bring the car in time to meet your fixed auspicious time. Many car rental companies in Colombo Sri lanka has their own wedding car fleets in ever ready condition.

The cars too will be decorated with flowers and ribbons in the front, sides and the rear sections to match the wedding ceremony. Once the wedding cars reach the wedding hall it will be parked in a suitable place till the end of the wedding and will take the newly married couple to the Honeymoon hotel after the wedding ceremonies are over.

Most of the car rental companies need substantial amount of money as advance payment. It is your duty to fix the starting time and the time you are going to leave the wedding car. If there is any delay in your planed car return you will have to pay money for the extra time that you had delayed the wedding car.

Popular cars that are rented by the car rental companies in Colombo for the wedding are as follows.

  • BMW
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Grand Tourer
  • Morris Tourer
  • Austin Ascot Saloon
  • Convertibles
  • Hillman Minx
  • MG Saloon
  • Austin Devon

and many more brand and models for you to select from.

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