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Presents Made of Gold

If you want to give presents made with Gold is a good idea. The Gold price is always on the increasing side only if you check it from 30 years back. The Gold price may have slightly up or and down but if you check it good it will be in the steady rise only, if you buy pure gold or jewellery made with gold.

If you can present Jewels that are made of Gold will be much adored by the receiving newly married couples at the wedding ceremony or at their wedding reception.

In the Tamil wedding ceremonies when presenting a valuable jewel to the Bridegroom as gift, it can be presented by a male relative or female relative, but when presenting such an ornament as a Tamil wedding gift to the Bride, it is better and best courtesy to be present it to the Tamil Bride through one of their lady relative.

There are many varieties of jewels are available which are made with 22 Kt Gold for men and women. You can select presents as Gold Chains, Gold Necklace, Gold Bracelet, Gold Rings and many more that can suit your financial position.

The pure Gold is measured as 24 Karat and this can not be used alone to make gold jewellery. Because pure gold is not a strong metal and it can bend or loose its shape of if it is used to make jewels. So, other kinds of metals like copper or silver mixed along with it to make strong and then it can be used to make jewels. Then the gold value will be 22 Karat,21 Karat, 18 Karat, 14 Karat and 10 Karat according to the mixed metal's percentage.

This way of mixing of other metal with the gold also changes it color too. Copper will make it to look reddish while mixing of silver will make it look whitish.

Those Gold jewels made in Singapore and Dubai gives out best brilliant whitish look. While Italian gold Jewels are famous for it's 14, 10 Karat gold jewels designs.

While Indian gold smiths craft works and fine designs carry out their thousands of years of traditional and culture. These master pieces out stands the Srilankan production. Because of this, Srilanka people used to purchase Indian gold products that are made with best craftsmanship with different color stones of Diamond, gems and many other artificial stones.

In the Tamils wedding tradition, if someone present them with a gold jewellery piece, then the wedding couple or their family will wait for the presenters family wedding or some other auspicious ceremony, to present them back with a Gold jewellery of equal gold weight.

Also there is a Tradition of Presenting of Gold coins (also called as dollar and Sovereign coins).They are placed on a betel leave and will be placed in the pooja room in front of the Gods. The married couples will be called inside and will be presented by the house elder person in front of the gods .In Hindu tradition, all the gold Jewellery belonging to a woman must be worn on Hindu festival days by her.

You can select your Gold jewels, in a Jewelley shop and can buy them there or you can select and buy them online too.