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Sri Lankan Tamil Weddings in Singapore

Tamil brides and grooms who are living in Canada, USA or in Europe nowadays like to get married in Singapore with their arranged Sri Lankan marriage partner in lavish setting. That Sri Lankan partner’s father must go personally apply, sign and obtain a clearance certificate from the foreign department in Colombo stating that the girl or boy is not married to any person in Sri Lanka. More information Read Here. - Consular When they are going to Singapore they must book their round trip ticket from any air line. Also they must have enough foreign currency or traveler’s cheque which can be obtained from any bank in Colombo by showing the air ticket and a valid passport. Normally a person is allowed to purchase US$ 1,000 from the bank by paying the local currency.

On arrival at Singapore the Sri Lankan must provide the address of their hotel or guest house to the immigration officer as to where they are going to stay in Singapore. Also they may ask how much money they brought with them to Singapore for their expenses.

Also the overseas party can arrange every thing before the Sri Lankan party's arrival. They can arrange accommodation in Singapore. It can be a hotel room or furnished apartment with food or with cooking facilities. There are luxury apartments too available. They can go for a Wedding Service Provider in Singapore. There are many people providing this wedding service specially for Sri Lankans.

So you must take much care as this marriage and documentation is going to assist one of the married couple to obtain immigration visa. All the formalities must be followed and witnessed. First make the official documentation for the marriage registration date and temple wedding with the proper authorities.

Make ready for the following things too.

  • Wedding Photography
  • Video filming
  • Flower Garlands
  • Priest for the wedding ceremony along with the necessary items
  • Nathaswaram and Melam
  • Wedding car
  • Bridal make up
  • Meals can be Vegetarian/non-vegetarian in serving or Buffet
  • Also don't forget there are many things to do in Singapore like shopping, dinning and sight seeing.

After the wedding it must be reported to authorities like Sri Lanka High Commission, So plan your trip early and enjoy the Tamil wedding and the Singapore trip.

Sri Lanka High Commission #13-07/12, Goldhill Plaza, 51, Newton Road, Singapore 308900.

Tel : 2544595-7

Fax: 25075201