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Sri Lanka Wedding Packages

Every one in towns like Colombo are busy with their daily chores, so most of them don't know much about arranging a traditional wedding in Srilanka. Because of people like these, there are many companies and individuals are doing these wedding related services at reasonable price that can suit from normal people to rich people.

These wedding service providers used to advertise in Tamil, Sinhala and English news papers and magazines about their services and contact details. There are many beautiful magazines are published in English language regarding the matrimonial and ideas for it. These magazines used to be published monthly or quarterly by the publishers. There are events and shows related to wedding and planning used to take place at the BMICH regularly every month. Here you can meet these people and can view their service related products as wedding clothes cakes and decorations.

in the wedding packages, once you got your auspicious time you can contact any of the available wedding halls or banquet halls or hotels. It is important to reserve your hall as early as possible because the wedding takes in certain months and the same auspicious time can be selected by many other wedding parties.

At the venue they will ask how many visitors you will have for the wedding. Most of them require you to have a minimum of 100 visitors. The hall will be rented with selected lunch or dinner in vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. The price per plate ranges from Rs 400/- to Rs 4,000/-. The buffet service will be looked after by the hall staff. Some halls will allow only serving visitors with soft drinks and fruit juices. The halls have time limit for usage, normally 5 - 6 hours. If you want to use it more than the allocated time, then it will be called as extra time and you will have to pay at a fixed rate per hour.

Like wise hall decorations, religious ceremonies, video, photographing, invitation printing and visitor's gift packs can be arranged through various companies. They will look after each and every necessary thing for that particular request.

There are wedding car service provided to the bride and groom where they will stay with the wedding hall for whole day for a service charge of Rs 5,000/-.

So as a parent or guardian of the bride and groom all you have to bring them to the wedding hall and every thing is ready to make your loved one's dreamy wedding ceremony.