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Engagement Ring

Normally Engagement Ring is given to a young woman by a young man, when he proposes to her about his interest in marrying her. And if she accepts his proposal to marry him will allow him to put the ring on her finger. Then she will continue to wear it and whoever sees it will understand that she is going to be married soon. Normally these engagement rings are made of a single Diamond mounted on band of Gold, white metal, platinum or some other precious metal.

Engagement Ring

Accepting and wearing an engagement ring is a European tradition.

Usually the engagement ring is worn by the would be bride on the finger in the right hand till the marriage occur, as a promise to marry. Later this will be worn along with the wedding ring in the right hand ring finger, after the wedding ceremony. As in Tamil weddings most of the marriages are arranged ones, so there are fewer chances for engagement rings other than the lovers who used to present by the boy friend to the girl friend and 99% it is not sure that the boy will marry that girl as in most cases the boys used to ask for dowry from the girl to marry her. But the Tamil Christian families use to follow this tradition.

Engagement Ring

Even though the young Tamil man and the young Tamil girl will have to get the acceptances from both their families to go ahead with their planned wedding.

Normally engagement ring with a diamond will be little expensive, this is to show the young man's desire and love to the girl. Some time the Young men used to buy engagement rings mounted with expensive gem stones, mostly blue sapphires. This engagement ring is readily available in the Jewellery Shops or can be purchased online using credit cards. Also you can, order your design according to your wish and financial position. There are many insurance companies offer to insure your wedding and engagement rings against theft and lost.

Happy marriage.

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