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Bridegroom's dresses

Tamil Bridegroom normally wears long sleeved shirt and traditional silk "Vesti' , shirt and "Salvai". On the head wears traditional "Thalaip pahai". In the Old days Tamil men grown long hair and If they tie a short cloth around their head (Thalaip pahai) for a work, they will never take it out till they finish that particular job.

Each Tamil person sees their webbing ceremony as a once in a life time event and gives more attention for that event and the related ceremonies. They prepare themselves for the marriage ceremony with the help of their friends, relatives and the well wishers. And give important care for their appearance at the ceremony as the bride and groom are the important people at the Tamil wedding ceremony.

Bridegroom wears "Kadukkan" a single stone ear piece on his pierced ears, if not pierced can wear "Villuk kaddukkan" ( a clip like ornanament).Both these "Kaddukkan and Thalaip pahai" are worn to the bridegroom on an auspicious time by the Elders, mostly by "Thai maman" (mothers brother).


As for the Bridegrooms dresses (Bridal Wear) there are many choices available for today Tamil Bridegroom to select from and to wear for the ceremony. Allover the world the Tamil Bridegroom dresses are either vesti shirt or north Indian origin clothes like Kurtha - cum - Pyjama, Sherwanis, Punjabi Dresses, Jodhpuri Juti or Western suit.

These days Tamil weddings do take place in two parts. First it will happen as traditional Tamil wedding ceremony and followed with the second part as official marriage registration ceremony. For the Traditional wedding part bridegroom wears "Vesti" and shirt or Indian dress that make him to look smart and handsome at the wedding ceremony. Like wise for the wedding registration ceremony groom used to wear 6 piece western suit or traditional "Vesti Saalvai" and shirt.


If the Bridegroom selects to wear "vesti salvai" and shirt, the "vesti and salvai" must be a set to match the groom's dress colour and design.Silk material "Vesti Saalvai" are hand woven in Handlooms in Kanchipuram, India to give a fine finishing look. They can be more yellowish color or light yellowish colour with wide design boarders or narrow design boarders. Borders are made with Zari and woven in Green, Red, Blue and Brown or in bright colours. Material for the Shirt which is called as 'National" can be bought in the same store. This can be stitched by an expert tailor to fit the groom.

The National shirt may contain side pockets and a front pocket. Huff links can be attached if the bride groom likes it. The length of the silk shirt to the knee from the shoulder may wary according to the wish of the Bridegroom. Also the side split under the pocket on both sides can be selected for the bridegrooms wish, but the higher more comfort when sitting in the "Manavarai". Can Make Design boarders on the front opening, shoulders, edge of the sleeve and on collar if have. Also don't forget to buy a white cooler belt to keep the vesti in position. This is very good one for a wedding ceremony which is held on hot days.

The matching dress goes to the best man too. Vesti Salvai