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Find suitable Tamil groom or brides who have registered in our web site. Or you can register your profile for free. There is NO FEE for any of our matrimonial service. Your email address will not be shown to visitors unless you request for it.

Email address will be used to send your proposal request, thus we prevent your personal information with us. Tamil matrimony is dedicated to make happy marriages between eligible Brides and Grooms from all over the world. We respect the family value and family traditions in this web site. You can use this web site at any time and we will never charge any money at any time from you. This wedding web site is opened for all people for submission of their profile to this site while everyone can search the submitted profiles for suitable partner and if any of them match your aspects you can contact them for free through the email address at the bottom of each profile.

This web site is open for Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims, Christians and all the other religious people .This means that we have place for people from all over the world to post in our data base. Please do understand, by the help of the today's advanced technology anyone can get and use your submitted photos without our permission.

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Find a good partner in our Matrimony web site or register your profile so others may look in to profile and can contact you. We advice you to submit your true information when you are submitting your profile for the wedding purpose as it is required by the law and we at is not responsible for the content submitted by visitors and the content of the external web sites which we link.

In these web pages you can find much useful information on wedding and related events and things. We have a list of Colombo wedding halls, hotels and honeymoon package providers lists here for you to help in finding suitable one easily.

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