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How to use this Matrimony website, which is also called as marriage or wedding website?

To get a marriage partner through this Srilanka Tamil matrimonial service, You must have a valid e-mail address to start the first communication. (You can get free email accounts from, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. Also there are many e-mail service providers, who will charge a small service fee.)

Register your profile in this web. You have an e-mail account? Go to our submit profile section and open the form.

Make your profile with all the important details about yourself, and write what kind of person you are looking in the form.

Most Sri Lankan people will look for the Groom/Bride's height, color, education, job, dowry and cast. Don't forget to write these important details.

We will activate your profile after you confirm the submission.

Once we activated our profile it can be viewed all over the world through our web site.

For better response get e new mobile phone connection for marriage purpose and publish the number here. So you will not any annoying calls to your regular phone. We will ask you to confirm the submission through SMS to our mobile phone.

Wait for others to respond to your, e-mail address.

If you find any suitable Tamil bride or groom, reply to them carefully with full details without your personal information. There are many African origin mails which claims to be with love and money, don't respond to them.

If you get any email asking you to view their profile in another web site - it is a cheat mail coming from another cheap websites whom are trying to make you as a member in their web site and not for marriage proposal. - Ignore it.

To contact a profile

Go to our profile Page and view Profiles or use our SEARCH to find more suitable profiles,

on each profile's page there is a link " Send a Message" Press it. You will get a form, fill it and submit it. (Important, type your email address correct, to get reply)It will go to the profile submitters email inbox. If they like your profile you may expect them to answer, to your submitted email address.

To get a good respond from the profile owner, in the first mail send full details, a short name to address you, send Bride or Bride groom's Rasi, birth star, job, education, cast, place of birth, currently living place, PR status bride or groom’s family members details and Telephone number to talk and all the available details.

Sure you will get a good reply for acknowledging it or polite reply of rejecting it, as per our viewers’ opinion.

Do subamangalam know the profiles details and contact details?

Sorry, we don't know anybody personally or their details are true. It's up to the visitor to verify them. We only help people to make contacts through our web site’s automated system, that’s too free of charge, as a good gesture to help people.

And you can communicate with any bride/groom without our knowledge. If you had a successful marriage, inform us too.

Beware many people are interested in getting the bride’s photos only. Send the bride’s photo if you are satisfied with grooms profile and chart.