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Tamil New Year in 2018.

Tamil New Year is called as Puthu varusam and Chithirai Varusap pirappu in Tamil language by the Tamils who are living all over the world. In these dates people used to take holy water bath and will wear new clothes according to the Astrology and then will visit temples for special Poojas at the time of the auspicious time of the New Years Commencement. Later the elders will give cash donations to family people at the auspicious time. People believe that doing so will make the coming year to be prosperous for them. Tamil New Year 2018: Vilambi. Visit here later to get updates on this event.

Tamil New Year in 2018.

Tamil New Year will be celebrated in the month of April in the English year 2018. It will be called as Hevilambi in Tamil. As per Sri Lanka calendar 14th April (Saturday) Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day will be celebrated.

Tamil New Year is called as "Puthu varusam" and "Chithirai Varusap pirappu" in Tamil by Tamil people who are living all over the world. It is another special day in the Hindu calendar and it is celebrated by Hindu community specially in Sri Lanka and India. On this Holiday people used to celebrate with special worship at their local temples after taking shower at auspicious time and will wear new clothes with colors which are mentioned in the "Panchangam" the Almanac and used to share and eat specially prepared foods on that day.

Name of the New Year that is going to start in the year 2018 will be with the Tamil name: Vilambi

This Tamil New year will start on Saturday 14/04/2018

Name: Vilambi Varudam
Color for this New Year: 
To Shower (Visu Punniya Kaalam): 

To present and accept money (Kai Visesham):

New year birth time.

Astro Forecast

Medam, Viruchigam
Idapam, Thulam
Mithunam, Kanni
Thanusu, Meenam
Magaram, Kumbam

2019 14 April, Sunday. Tamil New Year Day.