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Srilanka Tamil people is still observing many ancient traditions during their matrimonial ceremonies to be followed by the bride and groom as was done thousands of years back by their ancestors

Tamil Wedding Thaalee Kodi


Tamil language speaking people are still following many ancient traditions during their matrimonial ceremonies that are followed by bride and the groom as was done thousands of years back by their ancestors.

In the ancient time as per Tamil tradition, Tamil men used to tie saffron piece or palymarah leaf piece around the neck of the bride at the wedding ceremony for to make her as his wife. Then it changed to putting three knots with the yellow twine with thalee or turmeric piece (Twin was made in to yellow color with the turmeric paste) around the neck of the bride. The woman wore it till their husband was alive. Those women who had lost their husband don't take part in public functions. Even some widows take part in public functions in low profile.

Now as traditions are little changing and women like gold, Thaale and gold chain (kodi) are a part of married Tamil women, also called as maangalyam. "Thaalek kodi - Thali. This is not assumed as a Gold Jewellery, but a spiritual ornament belongs to married women who's husband is a living person. A proud husband used to put Thalee kodi made with a total of 168 grams ( 21 Sovereigns) of gold.

ThaaleeThis is normally made with 22 Ct of gold. It contains, a Thaale, two 1/2 Sovereign gold coins, and a "Kodi" woven with gold strings. The "Thalik kodi" must to weigh 5 sovereigns, 7Soverigns or 9 sovereigns as the whole total must be in numbers like 7, 9, 11, 15 or even higher in odd number. Sovereigns are calculated in total with "thalee" and the gold coins. Now there are plenty jewel shops offer tailor made sets.

According to Tamil tadition thaalee must be crafted by a gold smith whom should be a happily married person living along with his wife and children.

Making this should be started by the goldsmith on an auspicious day and time selected by the family astrologer for the benefit of the couple who are going to get married. Also there are other things worn by the married women on wedding day are "metti" on the finger of the leg and "kumkum" (Kumkumam) on the forehead. When you order for Thali kodi the shop used to provide set of metti as a fine gesture.