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Honeymoon & Top Honeymoon destinations

Newly married couples pack their bags and move away to their honeymoon in some exoitc place to celebrate their wedding. normally Couples select warm beach resorts for their joy full stay. While many couples select cool romantic places for their Honeymoon or take a cruise trip over the blue waters in a luxury cruise liner.

These days, Young people save money for their honeymoon and together select their destinations, but in many cases bride select the place, and the groom agrees. There are many honeymoon packages available all around the world from the tour operators, Resorts and Hotel operators. Normally it cost US$2000 for the couple including the air ticket. Before deciding, ask from the recently returned honeymoon couple about the facilities and plus and minus of their Honeymoon trip of their package.

Before you pack off, take less things for carrying with you, this will give you a free hand to hold others hand all the way up and down. Don't forget to book your Honeymoon Package early, as to avoid a bad honeymoon trip.

As for today, the top Honeymoon destinations by us are,